• Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce

  • About Us

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce is to improve the quality of life, create a sense of community, preserve the rich heritage and strengthen the economic resources of the Adel area.

    Vision Statement

    Through community involvement, along with directed growth, Adel has a sense of pride, accomplishment and security looking forward to an optimistic future of continuing improvement of quality of life.

    Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce will be responsive to the needs of its members and the community through professional management, fiscal responsibility and visionary leadership. The Adel Partners have a strong strategic plan which has created 5 committees to support our goals.

    • Economic Development Committee
    • Marketing Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Bike Trail Committee
    • Community Inclusion Committee

    Each of these committees will strive to benefit the members and the community along with partnering with The City of Adel and the Historic Preservation Commission.  Recruiting and marketing Adel’s businesses (new and existing), The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce will ensure that our rich history and historic infrastructure are maintained and celebrated. 

  • Mark Your Calendar

  • Culture & Recreation

    Adel offers something for everyone; from its rich history as the Dallas County Seat, being Heisman Trophy winner, Nile Kinnick’s birthplace, to serving as host along the growingly popular Raccoon River Valley Trail and its events.  

  • City of Adel

    Established in 1847, Adel is a thriving community.  Over 4000 people call Adel “home” and within the past 5 years, 251 families have invested in the building their homes in Adel. 



  • ADM Schools

    The ADM School system is one of the top ranked schools in Iowa and serves over 1600 students.  Our school system is one of the driving forces for new families deciding to make their home here in Adel.