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    The Brenton Arboretum


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    The Brenton Arboretum is a not-for-profit botanical institution dedicated to inspiring joy through the beauty and knowledge of the natural world of trees.


    Homestead Vista by T Collins
    Homestead Dock by T Collins
    Tear Drop Pond by T Collins
    Tree Collection by T Collins
    Ginkgo by T Collins
    Elm Path by M Burdick
    Sunrise Over Homestead by M Burdick
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  • Culture & Recreation

    Adel offers something for everyone; from its rich history as the Dallas County Seat, being Heisman Trophy winner, Nile Kinnick’s birthplace, to serving as host along the growingly popular Raccoon River Valley Trail and its events.  

  • City of Adel

    Established in 1847, Adel is a thriving community.  Over 4000 people call Adel “home” and within the past 5 years, 251 families have invested in the building their homes in Adel. 



  • ADM Schools

    The ADM School system is one of the top ranked schools in Iowa and serves over 1600 students.  Our school system is one of the driving forces for new families deciding to make their home here in Adel.