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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce is to improve the quality of life, create a sense of community, preserve the rich heritage and strengthen the economic resources of the Adel area.

Vision Statement

Through community involvement, along with directed growth, Adel has a sense of pride, accomplishment and security looking forward to an optimistic future of continuing improvement of quality of life.

Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce will be responsive to the needs of its members and the community through professional management, fiscal responsibility and visionary leadership. The Adel Partners have a strong strategic plan which has created 4 committees to support our goals.

  • Thrive with Economic Development
  • Leverage our Marketing
  • Ignite our Membership and Connect our Residents
  • Enhance our Trail

Each of these committees will strive to benefit the members and the community along with partnering with The City of Adel and the Historic Preservation Commission.  Recruiting and marketing Adel’s businesses (new and existing), The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce will ensure that our rich history and historic infrastructure are maintained and celebrated.

Board of Directors

The purpose of the board is to see that the organization achieves what it should on behalf of the members. It is the board's responsibility to govern and it has the authority to govern as established in the articles of incorporation and bylaws.  The board sets all policies of the Adel Partners Chamber.

Kristi Fuller

Lincoln Savings Bank


Rebecca Hillmer

Community Patron


Denise Walter


Insight CPA


Jessie Woerdehoff

Raccoon Valley Bank


Megan Garrett


Heartland Handcrafted


Jodi Draisey

Peoples Bank


Cory Johnson




Lynda Clayton

Anytime Fitness


Julianna Cullen

Cullen Howe Real Estate ReMax Precision


Alicia Hadfield

Vice- Chair

Wells Fargo Bank


Dan Juffer

Iowa Living


Jason Urban

Past Chair

Raccoon River Rentals


Shirley McAdon

City of Adel


Angela Mortoza

Dallas County Hospital


ADM Schools

Greg DuFoe



Deb Bengtson is the President of the Adel Partners Chamber.  She has been very involved with Chambers throughout her career.  From working for one of the largest chamber to the smallest chamber in the Des Moines region , she has the experience to help lead Adel.  Bengtson started with the Adel Partners Chamber in 2016 and grew to love the charming community.  Her and her husband made Adel their home in 2019.

Deb Bengtson

President of the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce

Phone: 515-993-5472

Cell Phone: 515-681-1289


Chamber FAQ

Adel/DeSoto is also located within one of the fastest growing counties within the United States.  They uphold a small-town atmosphere focused around families and friends with convenient access to local and regional amenities.

Together with businesses, organizations and individuals, the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting growth and prosperity in the greater Adel area.

The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce was organized for the purpose of advancing positive images among consumers for greater growth and development in the Adel area.  Our programs and events support our members as business owners, but also benefit the Adel/DeSoto community as a whole.  Get involved in the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce to enhance your presence throughout the business community and make a positive impact in The Adel are!

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