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Trail Committee

Raccoon River Valley Trail

Under the umbrella of the Adel Partners Chamber, the Trail Committee focuses on increasing outdoor recreational opportunities and enhancing the public health and cultural enrichment of the community. Current members of the committee, including Rebecca Hillmer, Elizabeth Holland, Tina Krug, Ben McClurg, Steve Siegrist, Robin Todd, Jason Urban, Curtis Waddingham, and Deb Bengtson, Chamber President, recently completed dramatic improvemenst along the Raccoon River Valley Trail from Nile Kinnick Drive to the Raccoon River. Over 2100 shrubs, trees, and perennials were planted, 66 LED color changing lights were added to the former railroad bridge, and a 15 foot art pole in the scheme of “In The Shadow of the Rails” was installed. The Committee meets monthly to discuss future plans for improvement to ensure our community remains a vibrant place.

The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30AM.  Interest in joining the committee contact the Chamber.

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